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February 20, 2006


Cynthia Clay

Lynn, I so appreciate your clarity in explaining how to apologize even when the situation may not be entirely your fault. You're right--it clears the air!

Last year my neighbor's toy poodle crawled under our fence and attacked my large german shepherd. (You have to wonder what the little guy was thinking.) My dog, defending her territory, pinned the poodle, delivered a sharp bite to his back, and watched him scurry back under the fence. My neighbor was furious.

Though I believed that my dog had done no wrong, I felt badly that her dog had been hurt. So I apologized with a simple note (on behalf of my dog) for the dog bite and gave them a small gift certificate to a pet store. That simple act has kept us on speaking terms.

Thanks for contributing to a more civil world!

Perfect Apology

Nicely done and an interesting angle on posing the questions the recipient of the apology would likely ask.

pet hospital

Hi Cynthia, I really like your gesture. Cheers!

- Mathew J.

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