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February 25, 2007



I have a huge problem writing any text in Word - letters will jump back and forward as I'm typing NOW - it is very frustrating!! What can I do to turn this "feature"?? off??


Erika, I wish I could help. I have never had that problem in Word.

Just one thought: Be sure your computer is not set on justified text or centered text. Those settings might cause text to move back and forth.

Good luck!



JUST type and then after ur done change it to the font you want


im having trouble and i need another word for got, the sentence is:
I rushed to my seat making sure my teacher didn’t noticed and got my books out.
i want to change the got to another word but i don't know what one

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Took my books out.

Opened my books.

What is wrong with "got"?


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