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May 01, 2007


Tony Wells

Your document "Write for 1.4 Billion" reminded me of an event when I was working for a software company. They were writing a user manual for their text processing language and wanted to demonstrate how a particular option enable dates to be displayed differently. Unfortunately, they picked 4th April 1976 as the example. Which in US and UK formats reads 04/04/1976.


Ha! Sometimes our best efforts just aren't enough.

Thanks for the example, Tony.


Totally agree. We definitely have to be careful when using words that have multiple meanings as different words are interpreted differently in different cultures. We probably also need to learn what it may mean in "localized English"/slang.

Best to look it up to find the various meanings that are attached to the word/phrase and if possible get advice from someone who is the audience you're trying to address or someone who have worked with such an audience.

In this technology age; you can get a lot of information with just a click. There are two really resourceful online dictionaries that I really like; they are:

2. (A really good dictionary to look up slang used around the globe and its meaning)

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