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May 21, 2007



One more point I'd like to add is that do not mention confidential information in you auto reply.

E.g. For all Project XYZ development issues, please contact
Chris White.


My company uses OOF internally instead of OOO, but we are told how few people understand this outside our company. An OOO message sent to all incoming mail lets people know that your house is possibly empty (I will be in FL on vacation 19-25 June - please come rob me). Having an OOF sent to all incoming mail will also verify to SPAM senders that your address is valid and possibly giving another address for the spammer to use (I will be OOO all June, July and most of August - please contact Dick at for all issues)


Thanks for that excellent cautionary reminder.

When I say our office is closed, I should add that we hire a housesitter to stay with our dog, who bites.


Shang, thanks for your comment. It is amazing the information people include in out-of-office messages.


Umm...What is OOF?

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

OOF and OOO are ways to abbreviate "out of office."



Anyone know how to change the date format in Lotus Notes? Seems impossible to format to include text. (Dec-28-2010)


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