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January 09, 2008



I happen to know the guy who wrote this Perspectives article. He takes great pride in his work.


Mark, please pass on my compliments.



Thanks for the very nice mention in your blog. What a nice surprise. My name is Rod Brooks and I'm the CMO at PEMCO Insurance. We've been working hard to make Perspective as relevant and timely for our customers and readers as possible. Looks like we hit the mark for you with this one. Jon Osterberg has been PEMCO's corporate communication manager for nearly 25 years. It's his diligence and understanding of customer needs that makes the difference. Thanks again for the mention in your blog, but more importantly, for being a PEMCO customer. All the best.

Your Northwest Marketing Guy


Rod, what follow-through! I have now received positive comments from three PEMCO people. I am gratified to see how supportive you are of one another and your customers.

I always read "Perspective." Because the articles are clear and concise and the layout is inviting, it's an easy, informative read.

My best to all of you,



Great article! The best maintenance you can perform on your furnace is to change out your furnace filters every 1-3 months.

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