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May 18, 2009


Kevin Segedi

Lynn - A slice of America, with religion's grip on politics highlighted, this speech had the potential to be explosive. The decision to highlight the concerns of the audience was both refreshing and necessary.

Could you guess who wrote that speech? Or how many people contributed? I believe the President to be a great writer and orator, but at the highest office he also has some of the best talent on board. In any case, is it the author(s) who is important or is the person delivering a speech the key piece?


Kevin, interesting observations and questions! I have heard that President Obama writes his own speeches, but given everything he is involved in, I can't imagine he does it alone. (If anyone has better information, please share it.)

Regarding whether the author or the person delivering the speech is more important, it depends on the result. I'd have to say a bad speech delivered well is still a bad speech. But a good speech delivered badly--I believe it would still be regarded as a good speech.

But the person delivering the speech is key. The words must match the man or woman. If Obama had a history of contentious, unilateral behavior, he would not be credible as the speaker of those unifying words.

Thanks, Kevin!

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