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May 12, 2009


Sara Parr, Above Parr PA Services

This is the first post I've read on this site but it certainly won't be the last!

A couple of example that made me smile:
One of our local hockey clubs used to advertise that they had a "thieving junior section"
A large housebuilder that put up a huge sign advertising "collage walk" on the site of an old college!


Hi, Sara. I hope the juniors were thriving!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note.


Hi, Lynn,

I've shown your blog to my students at Missouri State University many times. This post will help them see the value of careful proofreading. Thanks!

Tim Hadley
Missouri State University
Springfield, Missouri


There is a restaurant in Brooklyn advertising their Braised Buffalo Crap - I think they meant carp.




Tim, thanks for spreading the word. I am glad you find this blog helpful to your students.

Anne, I'm speechless!

Professional Proofreader

When performing a straight or blind reading, the proofreader will be supplied with proofs only and not the original typescript. In this case, the proofreader cannot know whether the original typescript has been correctly reproduced along with the editor's corrections. Her role is simply to check the proofs for content, marking up any clear errors in spelling, punctuation, and so on, that she may find.

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Yes, and a professional proofreader would have caught "Alaksa" and "cahier's."


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