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March 12, 2013



Several of my "own time" projects recently have involved putting links to things that I get the most requests for on the page that comes up when people search for me internally. Another is to get data I receive numerous requests for out on a site where anyone can find it (and then put links to it on my internal page.) I try to pay attention to what people want the most from me and then figure out how to get it to them in a way that is as easy as asking me for it. I figure if I put it on the page they use to find my phone number, I may be able to cut a step out for them. I'm not sure this is exactly writing, but it is the same idea.

I love that the restaurant took something that was (I assume) an annoyance and used it in a positive way. It can be hard to get the spark that allows you to take that leap.

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Hi, Jennifer. Thanks for your examples. I am guessing that all of us could benefit from putting in place the steps you are taking.

Thanks for sharing.


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