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April 09, 2014



Here's my question. Can TM and (R) show up in the same word? An author has done that for a word within the title of her book.

Also, in running text, does the TM (superscript) go before or after the period if it's at the end of a sentence?

Wayne Groner

In block quotes of several paragraphs, are first lines of paragraphs two and after indented, or are line spaces set between paragraphs with no indents?

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Hi, Barbara. Interesting questions! According to "The Chicago Manual of Style," the (R) stands for a registered trademark, and TM stands for an unregistered trademark. I am not sure why the author would use both. "Chicago" also suggests omitting them whenever possible.

As for punctuation with TM, "Chicago" places the symbol before any punctuation mark.


Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Hi, Wayne. "The Gregg Reference Manual" recommends not indenting paragraphs, instead using a blank line between them.

It adds, however, that "if paragraph indention was called for in the original," you should indent the paragraphs and not leave a blank line between them.


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