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May 08, 2014


Cathy Miller

I'm intrigued. :-)Thank you for the review, Lynn.

Jean Moroney

Great book recommendation, Lynn.

Bob Van Leeuwen

Interesting book and read Lynn. Based on a curmudgeon, all is proper. Yet in today's fast paced business environment, with email and computers (not to mention mobile communication devices)- do we really have the time to edit and re-edit, or let cool overnight. All sound advice, albeit a bit unpractical in day-to-day writing?

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Thanks for commenting, Cathy, Jean, and Bob.

Bob, I appreciate your question about our fast communications and small devices. I believe Mr. Murray's recommendations on writing apply to work that is important to us--not to quick emails to associates. He himself admitted to omitting apostrophes when texting friends, to save time.

I would apply his suggestions to pieces such as proposals, reports, articles, professional blog posts, announcements, and other high-value communications. I know that on some evenings I publish a blog post that would have been stronger had I reviewed it again the next morning. Blog posts are evidence of my expertise, so applying Mr. Murray's suggestions makes good sense. I am going to change my habits.


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