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December 20, 2016


Cathy Miller

Lynn, very nice, thorough review. :-) I added Grammarly's free version as a Firefox add-on. I always go with the free version to test it out.

For me, it gets very annoying online as I try to write and it keeps highlighting "errors." Yes, I do turn it off but it seems to turn back on every time I go back to Firefox. However, that could be me. ;-)

Like you, I use both Microsoft's grammar and spelling check and Grammarly. I agree, between the two, I think you get a nice result.

There is one odd thing I noticed online. I'm not sure if it's Wordpress or Grammarly. However, I did notice right after adding Grammarly, my posts did some wonky things (highly technical term) ;-)

For example, if I created a new paragraph in the middle of some content, it would repeat the same sentence in the original copy and in the new paragraph.

I do think Grammarly is worth a try. I'm not convinced enough to try the premium version. But, again, that's just me.

Jane Braynard Barr

Lynn, thank you for your smart tests and thoughtful review of both Microsoft's and Grammarly's text-checking performance. I have used both with mixed results and, like Cathy, have had occasional "wonky" results. I agree, however, that catching some errors is preferable to missing most errors.

My community college class ends this week, and I am eager to share your results with my writing students before they leave. I plan to offer information about this Business Writing feed and hope some of them will become new subscribers so that they can refresh their knowledge.

Thank you for your ongoing insights and interesting blogs. Your conversational style works well, and I always look forward to seeing Business Writing appear in my email.

Happy holidays to you and best wishes for exactly the kind of year you desire in 2017!

Marlene Braxton

Lynn, thank you for reviewing this wonderful tool! I have been using Grammarly for over a year. I don't know how I ever managed without it.

I am pursuing a Master's Degree in ministry--which is to say, I have a unique vocabulary. Still, Grammarly manages to catch many of my errors. Having said that, it's important that a writer knows the fundamentals of the craft: Grammarly misses significant mistakes.

I love the weekly report also: I, too, write 99 percent more than other Grammarly users (a stat that your post should change). I have a more unique vocabulary than 99 percent of users as well. Alas, my accuracy percentile is in the 80s. But, I am encouraged! One of the best features of Grammarly--both the tool and the blog--is that it provides explanations for grammatical usage.

There's hope for me yet!


Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Hello Cathy, Jane, and Marlene,

Thanks for your detailed comments. I appreciate hearing about your experience with Grammarly.

Cathy, thanks for mentioning the wonkiness. I believe I noticed the same thing--repeated text, that is--but I thought I might have copied and pasted rather than cut and pasted. Your experience suggests otherwise. My blog is hosted by Typepad, so this may be a problem across the web. I'll watch for it happening again and will open a trouble ticket with Grammarly if it does.

Jane, thanks for your good wishes. I am certain you are a wonderful example to your students, particularly in the way that you reach out and build relationships. I checked my email and realized I have a message from you I need to answer--from last summer! I apologize and will respond this morning.

Marlene, my fellow 99 percenter! I wonder how many who read this blog are also in our category. I agree that Grammarly's explanations are useful. Good luck with your program of studies!


Emma Cameron

Actually, I've been using Grammarly and Hemingway Editor free versions. But after reading your review I'm definitely gonna pay for Grammarly. It is also great that it catches plagiarism because I've been using separate tool ( for this and copying and pasting took some time.
Thanks for your time, Lynn!

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Hi Emma,

You are welcome. I am glad you will save time with Grammarly's plagiarism finder.


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