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June 27, 2005


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Lynn, it is great to see your blog up and running. Congratulations! I have no doubt that your viewers will benefit from all that you have to offer in the field of Business Writing! Look forward to reading your future postings.


Hi Lynn,

I need to take a writing course for work. I'm not sure how to find one where I can sit in on the class, instead of an online course. I live in Atlanta GA and I would only benefit from a classroom setting. Is there anyway you can assist me with this or know of someone else. I only want to take a writing course only no other classes.

Thank you,



Lisa, if you can travel, please consider one of my classes in the Seattle area. The next one is on May 17. I always list upcoming public classes on this blog (see upper left sidebar) and on my website at

If you need a class near Atlanta, try the Training Registry at At that site, you can request a class in your geographical area, and trainers who can meet your needs will contact you.

Best of luck!


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