Feeling Ignored? Blame Your Subject Line

The other day I wrote about not blaming yourself if your email doesn’t reach its intended reader: Feeling Ignored: Blame Email.  Rather than post to my blog, my husband Michael commented to me face to face. I think that’s a good sign for our marriage.

Michael reminded me that often messages don’t get read because they have a blank subject line. Or the subject is so vague, it sounds suspiciously like a come-on for mortgage reduction, sex enhancers, or Canadian drugs (or sex reduction, mortgage drugs, and Canadian enhancers–I get these topics mixed up). 

When we don’t immediately recognize the sender, we delete messages with these subjects:



     As you requested


     A joke for you

     Great news!

So if you have sent us any jokes or updates lately, we missed them. Sorry. Please try again with a specific subject that we will recognize–unless, of course, you are selling something we don’t need.