Email-Free Wednesdays

If you’re on the police force in Essex, England, get ready for tomorrow. It’s your day to phone or meet in person. That’s because the chief constable has banned emailing on Wednesdays.

According to the online Telegraph, Chief Constable Roger Baker posted a notice on the police force’s intranet declaring that Wednesdays "will be email free days . . . as far as possible." (He posted the notice on a Monday.)

A spokesperson for the Essex Police stated, according to the Telegraph, "The chief constable believes that emails do have their place in the modern world but it is likely that many of them are unnecessary and could be better actioned either face to face or with a phone call."

Brilliant! I’m joining in. Although I’m a business writing specialist who emails as much as the next person, I agree with the chief constable’s plan. We do email too much, too often. Let’s take a day off each week. Starting tomorrow, I’m going to pick up the phone! Yes, we could even meet in person. Please join me!

Let’s see . . . four voicemail messages bouncing between us. . . the cost of gas to drive to meet you . . . parking . . . our packed schedules. . . .

Maybe we should wait until next Wednesday. Or maybe the one after that? I’ll check my calendar and . . . email you.