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September 04, 2005


Margaret Elwood

Thank you for these helpful suggestions. I am sure they can be applied also to other difficult situations that call for expressions of sympathy, when words are hard to find.

Marilynne Rudick

Thanks for your good advice about and wonderful examples of condolence notes. Those notes are the hardest 3 lines to write.

After a death, I am often at a loss for words, so I turn to Pat McNees's book, Dying:A Book of Comfort. It is a collection of poems, essays and thoughts about death and grief. I have sent the book (and a note!) to countless friends after a death. Everyone thanks me, and finds something in it that provides comfort.


Marilynne, thank you for recommending Pat McNees's book. It's wonderful that you have given it to people who could really benefit from it. Condolence messages can be read in moments, but a good book can provide lasting comfort.
I look forward to reading it myself.


Thanks for your helpful notes templates. I used one sending for condolences to a business partner.

Thanks again

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