Mispeller? You’re One of a Select Few!

I just found excellent validation for spelling mistakes and typos. When I checked my blog statistics to see which search strings had brought people to this site, I noticed that someone visited tonight looking for a "solitication letter."

How had that brought the searcher to me? After all, I know how to spell "solicitation." But there it was, a link to this blog. It seems that I had missed a typo in my recent post, "When Good Writing Goes Bad."

I was in good company. Google had found 310 matches for the misspelled "solitication letter." My post was listed sixth.

But wait–a Google search with only 310 matches?

Inspired, I decided to search for the phrase spelled correctly. The number of matches for "solicitation letter"?


Well, I’ve decided not to correct that error I made last week, and I bet you can guess why.

But now I’m experiencing an ethical dilemma. As a professional teacher of effective business writing, would I be justified to include the phrase "effective buisness writing" or "effective business wirting" now and then–just to increases my odds?

No, I don’t think so. But let me know what you think: Should I correct the error in the title of this post?