Life’s Treasures

People across the United States are celebrating Thanksgiving this week. Among the traditions of this national holiday are eating feasts, watching grand parades, contributing time and money to those who are less fortunate among us, and thinking about all we are grateful for. We think especially of people and things we often overlook or take for granted in our busy days.

Our former web designer, Diane Varner, spends time each morning looking closely at things we overlook. And she photographs them so that any of us who take a moment to visit her photo blog can share her experience of daily thanksgiving.

Visiting Diane's blog, you will find rich gifts of nature: Thick, wet fog. Chattering seagulls. Patient, devoted dogs. Majestic streams of light. Fading leaves. Preening buds. Big, insistent skies. Surf.

Take a break from business writing. Give thanks for the splendid stuff of life. You won't even have to leave your computer.

But after seeing Diane's photos, you may want to get out and savor the world for yourself.


  1. Wow, Lynn. I am really touched. Thank you so very much. I can’t say it enough…you are truly a pleasure to work with but more importantly, a blessing to know. Happy Thanksgiving!

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