Email Tip to Avoid Embarrassment

Every week I get an email from someone that wasn’t meant to be sent–at least not in its current state. The next message, sent seconds later, says "Oops! Please ignore my previous message."

One way or another, the writer sent the email by mistake. It wasn’t finished, reviewed for completeness, or proofread for errors.

It’s easy to avoid this chronic problem. Write the message first–before filling in the "To" box. Finish the message, check it, proofread it, and then fill in the address of the recipients. This way, you can prevent yourself from sending email by accident.

By inserting the recipients at the end–as a separate step–you may also avoid inserting the wrong names. But that does take concentration no matter when you do it.

Avoid embarrassment. Do what everyone does with mail sent through the postal service–address the message as a final step.

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