Writing for Idiots–Not In This Blog!

Lately people have been visiting this site in search of "idiot’s" advice. Yesterday someone was looking for "condolences for idiots." Earlier in the week there were searches for "proofreading for idiots" and "an idiot’s guide to business writing and reports."

I do write about condolences, proofreading, and business writing–but not for "idiots." Despite the huge success of the "Complete Idiot’s" and "Dummies" series, I won’t use that approach. Also, I won’t buy those books or recommend them. Why not? Because I am not an idiot or a dummy. Also:

Because language has power.

The words idiot, dummy, jerk, and imbecile stink of negativity. They suggest stupidity, helplessness, folly, and waste.

I will happily write for a beginner, novice, learner, student, apprentice, seeker, amateur, and trainee. I’m pleased to write for a future expert, authority, specialist, professional, and whiz.

Words matter. They color our world. In business writing classes, when people say they want to practice writing to "complaining customers," I ask them to write to the "valued customers upon whose existence their job depends." When people write, "Let’s meet to talk about the problem," I suggest, "Let’s meet to find the solution."

Be an expert, a gem, and a winner! Work effectively for solutions, break-throughs, answers, innovations, prosperity, and success!

Now, don’t you feel brilliant? I know I do.

Other search spellings: psoitive, posative, langage, languege


  1. Lynn: Great post. And your poetic justice will be that now that you HAVE written about idiots, you will get even more people searching for them. The internet brings us closer to our friends and strangers!

    I like the variety of topics you tackle.

  2. Lisa, you have been my inspiration! Thanks for leading the way with your Management Craft blog and the many other creative things you do.

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