Save Time and Avoid Typos

My company is Syntax Trianing–I mean Syntax Training. I teach business wirting–that is, business writing.

The errors I have just made–Trianing and wirting— are ones I often make as I type.

To avoid making errors, I use the Autocorrect tool in Microsoft Office. Whenever I type Trianing or wirting, Microsoft Office automatically corrects it.

By adding trianing and wirting to my list of words to be automatically corrected, I save time. Although both errors would be caught during spellchecking, both would require time for me to pick the correct options among those suggested: training, triaging, and trainings, and writing, wiring, wilting, and witting.

Another feature that saves me time and effort is Autotext. With this feature, I can type Weye, and Autotext finishes it for me with Weyerhaeuser, one of my clients. I type Fred, and Autotext finishes it as Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. As you can imagine, using Autotext for both those client names saves me significant time and errors.

If you aren’t using Autocorrect and Autotext for the words you type often, you are wasting time and energy. Take a few minutes today to add some of the words you commonly mistype or misspell. Also add the long names you type often. The first time you see Autotext finish those names for you, you will be glad you did–I guarantee it.

What are your favorite time-saving software features? Please post a comment here, or let me know by email.

If you benefit from tips like these and you can travel to Seattle, Washington, you may want to register for The Keys to Error-Free Writing, a workshop I will lead on April 19.

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