Advice on Spell-Checking

Today I received good spell-checking advice in an email from Attorney Weston M. Binford, Jr., CPA. He pointed out that spell-check in Microsoft Word 2003 ignores any text with a number in it, therefore not catching an error like this:


Experimenting, he realized:

Apparently any numberinsertedmakes7itok

It turns out that spell-check has an option "Ignore words with numbers" that you need to uncheck if you are the kind of typist who may tap in a number now and then by mistake.

Weston also reminded me that spell-check does not check your auto-signature. (He learned this lesson the hard way.) It’s essential to carefully proofread signature content such as confidentiality notices.

When I asked Weston for his permission to post this useful information, he responded:

"Of course, anything that will save others my embarrassment. Attorneys charge good money for being precise and accurate, and such mistakes do not win confidence."

Well said. Thanks, Weston.