My Latest Mistake

Yesterday I discovered another mistake I had made, and I decided to turn it into a piece of advice for you. Isn’t that what life is all about–turning our mistakes into something positive?

Here is the situation: Last week I completed a proposal for a potential new client for classes in business writing. I was very pleased with the proposal. It was priced well, on target in terms of what the client needed, and expressed clearly and concisely. I viewed the proposal as a job well done.

Yesterday another potential client asked for a proposal. I got out last week’s document to use as a model. That is when I noticed the mistake. It was a spelling error in the file name of the document! Much to my chagrin (embarrassment), the file name of the Word document was:

Proposal for Writing Class from Syntax Trianing

Yikes! Trianing! But I thought I had created an autocorrect rule for the typographical error "trianing" that automatically changed it to training. What had gone wrong?

What had gone wrong is this: the autocorrect and spellcheck features do not apply to the file names of documents.

Now I will add another item to my proofreading checklist: the name of the file.

Learn from my mistake! I know I certainly did.