When Errors Cost Money

My husband recently received a notice from one of our credit card companies. It began like this:

You recently received a notification that your credit line was increased on your Our Company credit card. Because of a system error, your notice stated that your credit line was increased to $3,000.00 when it should have stated that your credit line was increased by $3000.00. . . .

. . . we are committed to Higher Standards and apologize for any confusion that the notification may have caused.

We had not even noticed the original error, so of course it was not significant to us. But I wonder how many notices the company had to send out because of the "system error." I also wonder why they capitalize the phrase "Higher Standards."

This credit error is not as bad as one a client told me about in her company. In that case, instead of informing a customer of a credit line of $3,000, the letter announced a credit of $3,000. Now that’s an error!

Have an error-free day.