The Irritating Writer

In a recent business writing class, we swapped stories of errors that had made us grin. I like this one, which the writer had rendered in bold type:

Let me reirritate!

Of course, the writer intended "Let me reiterate." But the person who received the message thought reirritate fit just fine.

Please share your amusing errors.



  1. This isn’t an error, exactly, but it’s a lovely play on words in a similar vein to your post.

    I was speaking to my mother in law on the phone a while back and I asked her what she was doing later that afternoon.

    “Research,” she said.

    I asked her what was the subject.

    “I lost my glasses, then I found them, then I lost them again so now I have to re-search them.”


  2. “Sorry for the incontinence”, instead of inconvenience.

    “Please whip down the tables when you’re done”, instead of wipe.

  3. Matthew, your mother-in-law’s comment is perfect. I have been doing research for my glasses, keys, scissors, calculator, and lots of other things. And I had thought I was just disorganized!

    Nichole, I myself have received the “incontinence” message, as have several people in my workshops. The condition is spreading!

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