Business Cards & Principals

At this time of year, many people decide to move forward on plans to start their own business. As a first step in making their dream a reality, they design their business card. If you are in that exciting phase, please read this caution:

You are the president, the founder, or the principal–not the principle.

Deleting old email, I just saw that someone had signed up for my e-newsletter and given her title as "principle." She meant "principal." You can read my post on this subject here. However, all you need to remember is this:

Principle (le) means "rule" (le).

Example: Follow these three principles.

For any other meaning, use principal (al).

Principals, I hope you did not need this advice or are reading it before printing your new business cards. But if not, at least you now have your first mistake behind you. Congratulations!



  1. Will keep that in mind. I also think strategy: I tried many designs, and found simple to work very well. In addition to design, one of the most important components is your strategy. I found this strategy to distribute the cards very helpful. Read:

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