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January 30, 2007


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Cynthia Clay

Lynn, I think I learned from you how to use active voice when writing procedural steps many years ago. I just finished editing instructions for a client's performance management process. The original document was full of passive voice and it was really hard to figure out who was responsible for what in the process. The revised document is much, much easier to read and much clearer to follow. Thanks for your great work.


Cindy, I can't take credit for your excellent writing, but thanks for the compliment.

I recently read several articles you posted on ezinearticles.com. I was struck by how clear--and helpful--your steps were. Nice job!



Lyn, i am currently trying to apply for a business writing job and they are asking for a sample of a business writing work i already did. what specifically are they asking us? a mock work or a real one (submitted and used)?

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Hello, Charis. I would submit an excellent, error-free piece of writing you have already done. However, you may wish to ask the employer your question.

Good luck!


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