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April 20, 2007


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After sending my comment on "mirror imaging" to spell better, I found quite a few errors. :(
I am at the beginning stages of my writing career, which I hope, one day, will be a major part of my life, but until then, I invite everyone that wishes to be a writer to use the mistakes that have been made as a tool to improve, and not as an excuse to stop writing.

Thank you for the opportunity.


I could not have expressed that idea better. Thanks for sharing it.

When people have doubts about their abilities as a writer, I also recommend thinking about genres. Some people do not enjoy or excel at writing annual reports, but they write beautifully sensitive corporate biographies. Some cannot write a marketing piece but are brilliant with newsletter articles. Understanding what we do well--and what we love--is a key to success as a writer.


I have been taught, and also teach in my Grammar and Proofreading classes at work, that you should read documents from the bottom to the top. First, read the last sentence of the document from beginning to end, then the second to last sentence, etc., until you get to the top of the document. This way you read each sentence for clarity and grammar divorced from the meaning of either the paragraph or the document. You do not read the content and gloss over the potential grammatical errors. Next, reread the entire document backwards, word-by-word. This divorces each word from the meaning of the sentence, enabling you to catch spelling errors you may have glossed over when reading the content of the sentence.

Matthew Stibbe (Bad Language)

It's impossibly difficult to proof my own work. My blog is riddled with mistakes. The only real remedies are getting someone else to do it and waiting until you are not word blind. I re-read stuff I wrote a couple of weeks later sometimes and it makes me wince! :)

Vijayendra Darode

Please refer my blog for 'Top Ten Proofreading Tips'. The same article would soon be published in TechCraft (an ezine about Technical Writing and the works).

Thank you for this wonderful blog. Keep writing.



proofreading is a very important tool to avoid mistakes, but i think that committing some mistakes is inevitable, because we are not machines or computers..i think the best way would be to be careful while writing from the beginning and to pay attention to every single word you write before sending or publishing...

dawn Freeman

Your tips are very helpful


Yes, checking the spelling is part of proofreading. You have to go every details of the writing to make sure that the document is error-free.

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