Read “Stop the Email Madness”

There’s a great article in today’s Wall Street Journal Online, and it’s available to nonsubscribers–at least for now. Writer Jason Fry warns that the biggest threat to email is not spam. It is the internal junk we send to our coworkers and managers. He offers five whimsical suggestions for how to reduce the dreck. Read "Stop the Email Madness!" now. 

I do take issue with one of Jason Fry’s statements. He says it is legitimate to use an organization-wide email to tell people that flushing one of the toilets will cause it to overflow. Not so! Rather than sending an email, just put a sign on the door to that toilet. Better yet, lock the door of that stall. (Some people won’t read even a giant red-lettered sign!) That way, you can keep both the floor and email inboxes clean and neat.

I appreciate Fry’s link to this blog and his efforts to improve the business world’s email.

Thanks, Jason!



  1. My husband and I laughed out loud at Jason’s proposed puppy name, “Remove Me From This List!” Thanks for sharing that gem of a piece.
    TITLE: Making email boring follow-up
    BLOG NAME: EmailTide – Observations and insights on the challenges and risks of managing corporate email and IM.
    DATE: 04/07/2007 11:02:27 AM
    I was just referred to a great article in Mondays Wall Street Journal by Jason Fry, titled Stop the Email Madness! (hopefully this link remains accessible for none-subscribers). Jason further elaborates on the sins of occupational …

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