Tip 34: Include Contact Info

I have gotten two emails from Melinda at Wright State University, who wants to interview me as a business writer. I would love to be interviewed, and I have responded to her email. But based on her second email in which she asks me once again to agree to an interview, I can tell she did not get my first response. With another day having passed, it is clear that she hasn’t gotten my second response either. 

I should just phone Melinda and let her know my replies must be caught in her spam filter. Unfortunately, she has not provided a phone number in her emails. All I can do is respond by email and hope a message gets through.

Email Tip 34: Include contact information in your message and on attachments. Include phone numbers, physical locations, mailing addresses–whatever your reader may need to contact you or others.

Why Tip 34?  I am pleased to announce that I have published 110 Tips for Sending Email That Gets Read–and Gets Results. These are practical tips I gathered in classes from employees and managers at companies such as Weyerhaeuser, REI, Microsoft, and Russell Investment Group. Check out the printed 30-page booklet here and try a sampler of the searchable PDF version here. Both are available for purchase.

I hope Melinda will read this entry and send me her phone number. I would like to talk with her about business writing.