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August 14, 2007


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Dave Huston

That's a great idea for less-frequent events, but what about the everyday paperwork that never seems to get done?


Dave, this can work if you use Outlook or have another way of adding meetings to people's calendars: Instead of sending an email reminder about paperwork that is due, put a time to complete it on their calendar. The person who suggested it to me said it works well.

Thanks for asking and reminding me of that tip.



This may work at a kids camp but in corporate world you don't have funds to get things for a good prize. This article was not helpful at all.


You could always give away something that doesn't require company funds, like a good parking space or some other kind of privilege. There are days when I would love to have first dibs on the microwave at lunch, and that doesn't cost any extra money. I would definitely be motivated by the possibility of something like that. Ooh, or being allowed to leave an hour early on a Friday, although I guess that technically costs something.


I tried a lite version of this today. At the end of a training program, I handed people their certificates of completion when they handed me their evaluations. One woman came forward for her certificate, no evaluation in her hand, and I smilingly said something like "I give out the certificates when I receive the evaluations." She returned in a minute with the evaluation, completed.

I believe when we can offer people something they want in exchange for what we want, we both win. Sometimes people ask me, "But if it's their JOB, shouldn't they do it without getting a special reward of some kind?" Well, let's try both approaches and see what works!

Thank you, Dave, Jenny, and Katy, for comments.



Update: A friend who is a training manager told me he offered $10 Starbucks cards to managers in his own company to complete a 5-minute survey. Only two responded, although I can't remember the size of the group. Apparently, $10 at Starbucks was not something that got their attention. I know it would have worked for me. I love gift cards.


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