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October 11, 2007


Carol MA

Hi Lynn. I am Carol MA from China. I saw your blog. Thank you for sharing. Recentyl I am learning how to write the business writing. It's not easy for me .

Chitra Raghavan

Hi Lynn,
I have found the same problem with quotation marks. I am a business research analyst and have to emphasize few points in my reports. But, instead of quotation marks, I use Microsoft Word - formatting styles such as 'Emphasis' and 'Strong'.


Carol and Chitra, thank you for commenting.

Carol, good luck with your business writing in English.

Chitra, when I checked my version of Microsoft Office, I learned that "Emphasis" is the default style name for italic type, and "Strong" refers to bold type. Thanks for mentioning those as styles.



I found your postings for the first time today and can't stop reading through all of your material. I was proof reading an SOP at work and questioned the semi-colons at the end of bullets and decided to inquire online. I found your blog and now I cannot stop reading your material. In a short time this morning I have gained a wealth of information


Toni, I am very pleased to be helpful. Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

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