What Amazing Feet!

On a coffee break in a recent business writing workshop, an attendee was checking her email. Suddenly she laughed a hearty "Hah! Hah! Hah!" People scattered around the room wondered what could be so funny. She explained:

"I’m reading an email I was copied on. It’s a thank you to someone for her group’s amazing feet–f-e-e-t!"

Feet or feat? We can only imagine.



  1. Wait a minute, Kathy. Given your love of food, perhaps that is what they meant!

    Just kidding. But your comment reminded me of all the “food faces” in one of your recent blog posts.


  2. Oops, you caught me. Seems I’m always talking about food! I’m tickled that you read my blog. I consider it an honor. You are my writing/grammar/proper usage idol, and often send people links to your blog when people need a confounding usage problem explained better than I can. You do it so well. Thank you for providing such a valuable service to your readers.

  3. I received an invitation requesting my “presents” at a young lady’s college graduation. It was obviously created on a home computer. I got a laugh out of it especially since I hadn’t seen the child since she was 8 and hadn’t spoken to the family either. Perhaps they really did just want my presents. 😉

  4. I received an email from my new supervisor at work asking me to “bare with him” while he attempted to resolve an issue. I really don’t think that getting naked is going to solve anything!

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