Another Way to Make It Big

Kathy Frederick, author of The Junk Drawer blog, wrote me about my post on increasing type size to proofread more successfully. She wrote:

"My husband and I made a great discovery the other day. You can enlarge screen text by pressing the CTRL key while scrolling up or down. This goes for both Windows and Mac. I prefer this method because it requires less clicking or searching around a screen for a button or menu item that does the resizing. This trick works the same across most programs, so it’s more efficient for me."

We tested Kathy’s tip, and it works. My ergonomic keyboard has a one-finger zoom feature in the center, so I will opt for that. But if you don’t have an easy zoom, you will like Kathy’s discovery–well, it was actually her cat Shadow’s discovery. Read about it here.

Thanks, Kathy–and Shadow!



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