Re: Are You Around This Morning?

I was reviewing a company’s email when I came across a wonderful email thread. It started with one employee wanting to know if another was in that day. Here is their email subject:

Are You Around This Morning?

The person who received the message responded that yes, he was indeed around the office. Then the two continued an email thread over the course of two weeks. They exchanged many emails with a lot of important business information. Two weeks later, what do you think their email subject was? 

Re: Are You Around This Morning?

Yep! It hadn’t changed.

When they are looking for the essential information they shared, I hope they can remember the subject, especially if they aren’t around this morning to talk! They should have heeded my Email Tip Number 11:

Use a current subject. Avoid clicking Reply before updating the subject, if necessary. Readers overlook and misfile messages with old, outdated subjects.

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  1. And a tip: Make use of your email program’s thread button to sort messages by thread, instead of sorting by Subject heading. This way, if/when someone changes the subject heading mid-stream, all exchanges will be included in the sort.

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