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January 06, 2008


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Joanna Young

Lynn, this is a great reminder and example of big bad paragraphs. I'm like you - click out of a site straight away if I'm being asked to read a great big slab of text.

I do wonder though what it is that people find hard about using paragraphs for readability. Compared to other things - like apostrophes for example - it's not hard to master. Do you think it's that the writer is just not thinking about their reader at all?



Joanna, I believe you are correct: people are not thinking about their readers. In the example that scared me off, the relentless sentences read like a draft of a speech. Maybe the blogger was thinking of her post in spoken rhythms, but it did not work in 325 words on the screen.

I think breaking up paragraphs does require an awareness of the reader. That's why I suggest we talk with people who are ignoring an easy way to improve their writing.

Thanks for commenting!



I try to remember to break up long paragraphs when writing, especially on my blog, where white space is even more important. Reading on-screen is harder on the eyes than on paper (for me, anyway).

Before I submit a blog post, I go back and break up chunks. I want my reader to make it to the end of the post!

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