An Alternative to Looking Silly

Today I received an email with this subject:

10 Powerful Secrets to Email Marketing

Because I am interested in email marketing and "powerful secrets," I opened the message. I saw that it featured a free downloadable report with this jazzy title:

Email Marketing vs. SPAM: A 10-Round Smack Down

A photo of a man wearing a suit and boxing gloves illustrated the "smack down."

The email included three links to download the report. One said "Download here." Another was labeled "Download this free report today!" The third link said "Download" and the name of the report.

Not one of the three links led to a downloadable report. Each one linked to another page of sales copy that did NOT include a link to the report. The links led to a dead end.

To the sender of that email, here is one of my 10 Powerful Secrets to Email Marketing: Test. That is, send the email to yourself. See if the links work. If they don’t, fix them. Then test again.

It’s a great alternative to looking silly.

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