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February 12, 2008


Joanna Young

Lynn, thanks for the reminder of this point - one of the many switches we need to make when we're writing on-line.


Kathy Goughenour

Hi Lynn,
I'm so glad you pointed this out. It's one of my pet peeves. Sooooo many web pages are using underlining to emphasize things it's driving me insane. It's so prevalent that I no longer trust underlining to mean hyperlink.

I hope your message gets out to the world so people will stop using underlining as emphasis.

Thanks for a great post,
Kathy Goughenour

Patricia Robb

Thanks for this Lynn. In my article on my blog "E-mail Etiquette" I had actually recommended using bold, italics or underlining to emphasize a word rather than the colour red because of colour blindness. I have changed that because of this post. Underlining a word has taken on a new meaning and can be confusing to the reader of an electronic document.

Although on my blog when I insert a link it underlines it, but also changes the font colour so it distinguishes between regular underlining and hyperlink underlining.


Thanks to Joanna, Kathy, and Patricia for your comments. I appreciate all of you for stopping by.

Patricia, you are right. Some software changes the color of a link, and that color change makes the link obvious. Some web color schemes unfortunately don't seem to allow that change.


Patricia Harrelson

These are great reminders, Lynn. Thanks. I have on occasion used all caps for emphasis. If you use the small all caps in word processing it doesn't have the SHOUTING effect. I use this method selectively, for obvious reasons.


Patricia, thanks for that good reminder. Small caps do work well when they are available.


Jeff Paul Scam

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