Early for April Fool’s Day

Last night I sent a brief message to my husband, asking him to review a draft web page. As usual in a message to him, I did not include his name at the top, and I added xxoo above my signature. (Translation of xxoo: kiss, kiss, hug, hug.)

Well, I thought I sent it to my husband. I actually sent it to our new web designer.

She replied with this message: I’m thinking you didn’t mean to send this to me 🙂

Ha! No, I meant to write to Michael, not Margery. Usually when I type "M" for an outgoing message in Outlook, Michael’s address comes up. Not this time.

Later I got another nice message from Margery:

I know we’re getting along famously, but I thought that was especially friendly! Cracked me right up.

Did you crack up  anyone with an April Fool’s Day email? I did–just a day early.

Syntax Training


  1. Really interesing!
    And I find your blog is very helpful for people like me, who lives in non English speaking country but works for American company, writing correctly and gracefully is of great important; Thanks!Lynn!

  2. I love it! It’s funny!
    I’m Japanese, and i’m not good at writing, but your blog’s helping me a lot.
    It’s good for improving my reading skills, too.
    Thank you!

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