Why Should They Read Your Ezine?

I don’t open an ezine unless something in the subject or the first line grabs me. Even when I do open it, I don’t read it unless I can find the item that grabbed me within a few seconds. If I don’t succeed at finding a quick gem, I click Delete. I don’t have time to wade through ads, headlines, and photos.

Here are ezines and emails I’m going to delete without opening:

Subject: Shift Your Summer Into Overdrive [from an airline]

Subject: Two Free Articles From Judy [from a writing coach]

Subject: Upcoming May Webcasts [from a professional organization]

I’m going to delete them because the writers haven’t grabbed me. What’s in it for ME (WIFFM)? For example:

What does it mean to me to “shift my summer into overdrive”? Delete.

Why should I want “two free articles from Judy”?  Delete.

So what if there are webcasts in May? Delete.

For the past 18 months, I have been crafting the opening of my ezine, Better Writing at Work, to grab my readers. Here are a few subjects and the sentences that follow them:

13 Secrets of Professional Proofreaders
People who make their living as proofreaders cannot afford to make errors. Apply the secrets of professional proofreaders to produce your own error-free documents.

More Tips for Email Efficiency.
Apply 26 new tips to improve your email, brought to you by employees and managers at world-class companies.

Be More Persuasive.
Everyone can write more persuasively. This newsletter tells how.

How to Write to 26,000 People.
If you write to people from varied cultures and countries, this newsletter has 20 suggestions for your messages.

If you are like most writers, you put a lot of energy into writing and inputting your ezine. If you would like your readers to open and read it, put energy into grabbing them too.

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  1. Oopsie Lynn:
    “I’m going to delete them because the writer’s haven’t grabbed me.”

    Sorry – had to grab that one for you! 😉

  2. Khat, yikes! Thanks for grabbing me on that one. I guess I have to stop writing late at night!

    As soon as I post this comment to you, I will delete the offending apostrophe. I must maintain my reputation!

    Thanks again.

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