Domestic Violence Awareness Month–and Good Writing

In the United States October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. That designation means that domestic violence is a subject of television programs, news reports, newsletters articles, discussions, and so on.

The focus on domestic violence encouraged me to tell you about an excellent piece of writing, the Safety Plan Pocket Guide, published by the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) in Washington State.

Click on the link above, and you will see the two sides of the pocket guide, which is small enough to fit in a wallet, pocket, or even a shoe.

Here is what I admire about the guide beyond its small size: All the bullet points are short, clear, and focused on action. They are also grouped by logical category, for example, "Plan Ahead" and "During an Incident." The tollfree phone number stands out in red. And the card is available in 10 languages.

If you were going to distribute the Safety Plan Pocket Guide, how would you do it? Where would you reach people privately to slip them the card if they wanted or needed it?

I have found the card several times in a perfect place: women's restrooms.

Thanks and kudos to Washington State's DSHS for producing this valuable card in such a useable format.

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