Free Spanish-English Online Dictionary

Ricardo wrote to me today to tell me about a free English-Spanish online dictionary. It's at the Word Magic website. As someone who is interested in learning Spanish, I was pleased to find out about this resource.

I tested the dictionary with the Costa Rican expression pura vida, which people use to respond to "how are you" type questions. I was happy to see that the online dictionary defined pura vida as "just fine" and "super" rather than the literal translation "pure life." It provided good synonyms too: estupendo, excelente, and others.

If you want to use proper holiday greetings in Spanish, the Word Magic dictionary does a good job with "Happy holidays" and "Happy New Year":  Felices Pascuas, Felix Navidad, and Feliz Año Nuevo.

Muchas gracias, Carlos! I appreciate knowing about the Word Magic dictionary.

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