Sales Messages in Holiday Greetings?

Jessica wrote to ask about the etiquette for sales letters in holiday greetings. She wanted to know whether sales letters should be included in holiday greetings, and if so, how long they should be.

Here's the answer: No sales messages in holiday greetings. Holiday greetings are about building relationships, not about making sales. Use your holiday cards and messages simply to thank customers and clients and wish them a happy new year. The sales will come if the relationship and product are solid and the pricing makes sense to the customer.

That said, it is fine to include a discount coupon or an item related to your business as a gift. But don't send it with a catalog or pricing information. That would be an obvious sales gesture.

Happy holidays!

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  1. Hi Lynn, This was a very timely post. I was in process of framing greetings message to our clients/prospects. When sending a greeting, relationship is the focus and sales can happen as a by-product. The intent has to be relationship building. On that note, wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year, in advance!

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