Resolutions for 2009, Simple and Sublime

Happy 2009! With the new year, it's the time of making resolutions, commitments to change our behavior. I have made three that apply to my work as a business communicator.

Here are my two simple resolutions:

  • I resolve to spell the word website consistently. No more bouncing between Web site and website. Because several of my clients prefer the term Web site, I developed the bad habit of inconsistency. No more–for me, it's website. (Both forms are correct.)
    The payoff for my new behavior is that I won't be tripping over my inconsistency, and my readers won't either.  
  • I resolve to file email immediately rather than reading and writing it and then going on to the next message or task. Mail that's worth saving I will drag to the appropriate folders. Mail with no future I'll delete. 
    The payoff: I will be able to find what I need in a flash. My new efficiency will have me smiling all day.

My sublime resolution is to read more poetry. As an avid mystery reader, I resolve to read at least one book of poetry between mysteries. Reading poetry opens my eyes to new ways of seeing the world and using language. The payoff: I'll be a better writer and a richer, kinder human being. 

On Christmas Eve I read Maya Angelou's poem "Amazing Peace." I loved the images in these lines:

Hope spreads around the earth, brightening all things,
Even hate, which crouches breeding in dark corners.

The poem ends this way:

And we say without shyness or apology or hesitation:
Peace, My Brother.
Peace, My Sister.
Peace, My Soul.

Peace to you. I wish you a new year filled with hope brightening all things.

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  1. Hi Lynn, simple resolutions are easy to keep. With simple and practical resolutions, one just maximizes the chance of keeping them.

    Wish you a great year 2009!


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