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February 23, 2009



"full of features" sounds strange.

What about:

"Your phone is lightweight, easy to use, with many significant features."



"Your phone offers many significant features while being lightweight and easy to use"


Yes, I have experienced this many times.

I have a question. Do the non-writers experience have the same reading pattern as we writers/editors do?

Dr. Rajalakshmi


Peter, I would like your first revision if you would replace the first comma with the word "and."

In the second sentence, "while being" feels heavy. Would you consider replacing that phrase with "and is"?

You did not like my "full of features." How about "feature-filled"?

We can't please everyone, but we can enjoy trying!



Dr. Rajalakshmi, I do not understand your question yet. Are you wondering whether non-writers react the same way we do to lack of parallel structure?

Finding the answer to that question would be an interesting research project.

Christine Miller

Parallel structure is pleasing to the eye and to the brain. If it were not so, we English teachers would curl up and blow away.

Lead Generation

I love the phone that you've got. Samsung are one of the best phones i've ever had. They last for a very long time, and the resolution is good. You can definitely use the features, and still best to read the manual first.

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