Practice Makes Perfect

I gave six presentations and programs this week–two for a national insurance conference in Seattle and four for a support staff conference in Tacoma, Washington. Presenting to these groups, I relearned something I have noticed many times before: Practice makes perfect.

My second insurance presentation was better than my first, and my second, third, and fourth programs for support staff were better than number one.

In the later presentations, I was able to apply what I learned from the first groups. I could bring in their comments and tell their stories. I could also apply my lessons learned about what worked well and what was a bit off. 

Maybe it's obvious, but I share this lesson with you: When you invest the significant time to create a great presentation or program, take the time to practice it. If you don't have a group to practice on, try the mirror or your best friend.

The current issue of my e-newsletter Better Writing at Work is about six steps to follow to create great presentations. If you haven't received it, subscribe for free here. If you think creating a presentation means pulling together a hot slide deck, the main article is for you.

With all these presentations completed, it's time for a vacation. My plane leaves for the Kona Coast of Hawaii in 7 hours.

Aloha! I'll be back at work on April 6.

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