Errors on a Hawaiian Holiday

We have returned from a heavenly week of vacation on the island of Hawaii. Warm weather, relaxation, the tropical landscape, and the Hawaiian people were grand.

Although I wasn't working, I could not stop my eyes from spotting written errors. Here are four interesting ones to remind us of the need for proofreading:

  • On a hotel's restaurant menu: harsh brown potatoes [I tasted them, so I know the sign was wrong!]

  • On another hotel's restaurant menu: pancake's and maple syrup

  • In a small museum, on a description of buildings: thash roofs

  • At an elegant, world-class spa, in a description of a massage: the warm and cook feelings of the stones [should have been cool feelings]

Now let's not be smug. These are perfect reminders of the need for a fresh set of proofreading eyes. If I could catch the errors in my carefree holiday mood, no doubt another worker in the restaurants, museum, and spa could have done so too. Let's all ask our colleagues for proofreading favors.


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