An Efficient Way to Schedule Follow-Up

A potential new client has delighted me with his efficiency. He schedules follow-up on the spot. Here's what I mean:

On Monday we met by phone and agreed I would give him a proposal on Thursday. In the Monday call, he said, "Okay. Let's schedule a meeting now to discuss your proposal. I'll read your proposal when you send it on Thursday, so how's Friday?" We scheduled our next meeting at that moment. We didn't have to exchange messages or phone calls to set it up.

When we met by phone on Friday, we agreed that he would review other people's proposals, check my references, and talk with his boss. He said, "I should be ready with my decision next Thursday. Let's schedule a meeting for Thursday afternoon." Again, we added the new meeting to our calendars on the spot.

When I told the new client his efficiency impressed me, he said, "It keeps me honest." Yes, I can see that it keeps him communicating with others rather than ducking a conversation. That is honesty.

It also keeps him efficient. By taking the initiative, he saves himself and others time, effort, and dozens of messages.

I've decided to adopt his approach. Whenever someone requests a proposal, I will request a scheduled follow-up appointment–to keep us honest and efficient.

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  1. That’s a great tip, one I plan to adopt, too. What a timesaver!

    Also, a client like that is a treasure. He demonstrates a respect for his own time and yours that I find immensely gratifying. It presages a rewarding business relationship.

  2. That’s inspiring. I’m going to remember that – I have an awful habit of doing follow up calls to my original calls, and then never seeming to make a good enough connection for a meeting.

    Thank you, Lynn, for sharing!

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