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September 03, 2009



Hello, I'm really enjoying this blog especially because I teach Business Writing :) I have been searching for conforming thoughts about the use of "casual" expressions in writing formal letters which I believe would definitely improve the health of workers who spend most of their lives sitting in their cubicles like couch potatoes.

I am currently teaching this subject among ESL speakers which I find a little bit more challenging because they cannot accept the already fossilised cliches of formal writings. When I tried anyway, the outcome is usually disasterous and they end up like writing business letters to their girlfriends or boyfriends!

However I think I understood the more appropriate approach now after reading your suggestions. I like the part where you mentioned about "knowing your audience" which I definitely should pay more attention to since my students come from various field of studies.


congratulations on your first webinar!

I'm jealous.

You mentioned some technical glitches. Would you mind saying what service you used, and if you would use them again?


M4M Joanne


Hi, Herbert. I am glad you are getting ideas here. Good luck with your challenging work!


Hi, Joanne. We use Adobe Acrobat Meeting Pro. The software is fine. Regarding the technical problem, something happened that had never occured in all our trial runs. But now we know how to handle it!

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