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October 05, 2009


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Jean Moroney


To further make your point--I actually wondered if there was a typo in your subject line when I got the alert for this.

I could have known that wasn't the case!


Mike Consol


Not only does industry-specific jargon leave people outside that industry flummoxed (confused), but it's also the chief reason most businesspeople write without any marks of distinction.

Our writing cannot stand out or be distinct when we continually parrot industry jargon and common phrases such as...

Paradigm shift
Core competencies
At the end of the day
Fundamentally opposed to
Cost prohibitive

How refreshing it would be to hear a businessperson say something is "too expensive" instead of "cost prohibitive."

To your point, simple conversational language will take a businessperson much further than convoluted and mostly useless jargon.


Jean, I appreciate your observation.

Mike, thanks for your examples of vague phrases. They are prime offenders in business writing.

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