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December 02, 2009



Apologies are the oils thatkeep a society running smoothly!
CEO Inc.

Tim Hadley

You're kidding, right, Lynn? I don't recall Tiger admitting anything, except generic "transgressions." Why this quickness to absolve him? Why so uncomfortable with uncertainty? Let the man twist in the wind until he does what it takes to resolve the situation. Until then, a premature decision to "move on" is just as inappropriate as a premature decision to pronounce Tiger guilty.

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Hi, Tim. Great comment. But no, I am not kidding. I wanted to stop wondering and move on, and I have. Admitting his "transgressions" was the bad news I needed to move on.

There are many other things he might have said and ways he might have said it, but my uncertainty has been satisfied. I have stopped viewing the videos and reading the articles. I am done with it.



I'm tired of the news relying on Tiger Woods (and other celebrities) to get a story. How much more celebrity crap are they going to throw at us? I don't *care* about a celebrity's car accident, who's pregnant, and who's cheating on their spouse. Don't people have better things to do?!

The same is true when communicating bad news in our business lives. We should share bad news promptly and apologize for it.

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